Preparing your letters

Writing your letters

To ensure best results, please review these guidelines for writing and submitting your letters.

Writing your letters:

For best results, please use a black ink pen on plain white paper to write the letter. Please ensure there are no lines on the paper (although you are welcome to make drawings if you would like to submit art). For optimal results, we highly suggest using a Uni-Ball Vision Stick Roller ball Pen or Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Permanent Marker.

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Submitting your letters

The production process is an intricate process. For best results, our team recommends that you mail the original hand written letters to our head office. If you choose to mail your letters, you will be given an order form to include in your package. This is imperative for tracking purposes and ensures that your letters are assigned to the right project.

You also have the option of scanning the hand written letters and sending it to us directly via email. We will advise if the quality is sufficient enough for the project. If you wish to submit via email, please contact us directly so we can discuss submission options and image quality.

If you wish to have any photos on your blanket, those can be submitted to your designer via email at any time.

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