Our Story

Melissa Fonder of Sentiment Blankets

I have always loved learning about family members and their history. As a child, I would go through my grandparents’ attic and be amazed at seeing old photos or old notes from decades ago. I always felt like I was tugging on a piece of string that would unravel an amazing piece of my past. I want to recreate this nostalgia for you!

 – Melissa Mellor, Owner

Share your Sentiments that will last a lifetime!

Sentiment Blankets started when the first baby entered into Melissa’s family. She wanted give her sister, her husband and their new son a time capsule gift from the family to remind them how much they were loved. A reminder that no matter where they are or what is going on, the entire family loves and supports them.

At first, she thought of a scrapbook or a time capsule gift box. Although that was special, she wanted something more personal. Something that could always be around them and not simply stored in a box in a closet somewhere……..and then she thought of a blanket. How perfect! Giving them something that has their family’s love literally surrounding them all.

The time capsule gift blanket was born….

Melissa had this image of her nephew reading the blanket in the distant future and being reminded of his grandparents and how much they loved him. She imagined him sharing their Sentiments with his future children and being so full of love. With that, Sentiment Blankets was born.

Life can be tough and unpredictable. Family will always have its ups and downs. It is our hope that no matter who this is for, be it your partner, your children, your grandparents or your parents, Sentiment Blankets will fill you and your family with a reminder of the unconditional love we have for one another.