Imagine the love you feel for your family, and capturing those emotions on a gift that will last beyond your lifetime…..

In a world where we putting pen to paper less and less, this is an opportunity to capture your emotions, in writing, and share them with those you love. Your written emotions will be your legacy and this sentimental gift will last forever. These items will be keepsakes that will last beyond your lifetime.

Group Gift Idea

The perfect Sentimental Gift

This beautiful, personalized blanket makes the most wonderful gift for anyone! 100% custom made and tailored to your liking, we have many options to make your ideas become a reality. We work with you to design a personalized and truly sentimental gift that transforms your letters (or Sentiments) into a perfect scrapbook blanket. From the size and color, to fabric options, we can create the perfect keepsake for your loved ones. We can also include photographs and messages can go on both sides of the blanket if desired. This is a keepsake they will treasure forever!

The Process:

Get your group together and write individual letters to the recipient. Send those handwritten letters to us and we will create a personalized and sentimental memory blanket. We work with you to design an individual and unique gift that captures the personal messages of family members and friends.

Do you have an idea that isn’t profiled on our site? Just contact us and we will make your vision become a reality! These blankets are 100% custom made so your vision is our mission! Our company works with you to design an individual and unique gift that is as extraordinary and unique as the love you feel for the recipient.

Share your Sentiments that will last a lifetime!