the vulnerable moments of being a parent

I was looking through some beautiful mother’s day photos and I saw the one above my blog post…..and it stopped me.  Does this not describe so many moments of our days? It really got me thinking about the strength of a mother and all that we endure.  These are struggles that we usually experience alone while our partners are at work.  When we reach the end of our ropes, yet still love (and maybe no like) our children. It’s hard!

So there I sat planning on a draft for an article for Mother’s Day which is celebrated throughout the world on the 8th of May. I had unknowingly spent quite a lot of time just sketching the article that I had woken up to the day already! It was Mother’s Day! I opened my eyes to all the Mother’s Day festivities! The grand family brunch, fun outdoor activities, peaceful afternoon nap and pizza for an 8pm dinner!

Soon, in a blink of an eye, the day was set. The day was a well-spent one with the family and had passed what seemed like just a moment. Calling it a day, I realized that the Mother’s Day article I was drafting earlier on has not been polished as yet, so I set my heart in completing it for the online readers! And in reality, does one really need a reason to take time to acknowledge all amazing mother’s out there? I didn’t think so.  Early or late, it deserves to be stated!

There’s no beginning or end from where a mother’s strength starts. It is agreeably the most challenging responsibility which exists!
Many women have friends and relatives to help them around. However, there are many who do not have the support they deserve, single mothers for instance. They don’t have the advantage to run away from the day-to-day grind and enjoy quality time for themselves and with their children and instead, they try to make both ends meet without any discontent! These are the women of will and power who must also be highly appreciated alongside everyone else! single-mother

They don’t necessarily have anyone who can give them the privilege of a late morning breakfast-in-bed!… aweeee, isn’t this image cute 🙂


As I look at the image above, I reflect on the hilarious article written by Kate Levkoff titled “This Mother’s Day, Just Brunch Me in the F*cking Face” Seriously, I died! The comments associated with this raw and sarcastic article are equally as hilarious! Gotta love the self righteous comments without a face (or even experience sometimes).

There are a number of pros and cons to being a parent. It has held some of my most memorable moments, from proudest to undermost. It has drained and restored me in ways I never thought it could. Indeed, parenting carries a certain inconsistency. There are moments when you are full of life not knowing what the next holds.

Parenting has taught me patience and letting things go, two beautiful aspects injected to my personality, which I am quite sure my husband agrees too! Being a mother safely means that I get to have the lion’s share of the family in regards to skipping from an emotion to another in no time! I highly appreciate my husband’s hold on everything when I feel like taking a time-out and I am able to enjoy some private time with myself in the hot tub, surrounded by rubber ducks floating around me, sipping away the fine wine (and I use the word ‘fine’ loosely these days). I toast to all those women who do not get to do this as often as I do!

Mother’s in general, are the heroes of the world, but those mother’s to tire themselves out for the sake of their little ones are truly the ones to be highly acknowledged!

A standing ovation to these brilliant women of power! You deserve more than just a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ well wish.

Therefore, I have a challenge! But, before we get into details, let me tell you something, everyone loves gifts! I love gifts! I still celebrate my birthday like a 5-year-old and crave sparkly new things! So, in a world of loving gifts, I challenge you to love your natural gifts, your children, watching them grow and prosper! I challenge myself to put my priorities aside and be there for them, watching them grow, think, solve and develop if it even means for me to be socially absent! I have the confidence that I am there for them, to raise them into beautiful beings.

A very happy Mother’s Day to all! Flush out cheap moments and enjoy the best ones to fullest!

I love you all!







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