Time Capsule Gift Idea

Do you remember, even just vaguely, the idea of a time capsule from when you were young? The intriguing and somewhat foreign feeling that filled your heart while writing down your hopes and dreams and imagining yourself reviewing them at some arbitrary date in the future!


Wasn’t that a cool experience? An experience that made you feel awed, excited and hopeful about the days to come.


Come to think of it, I think I did one of these as a school project in Grade 7. It’s supposed to be mailed to me one day in the future… I’m eagerly anticipating its arrival! ☺


Short thought on creating a time capsule


The idea of a time capsule has been around for a very long time.  The intent of it is to preserve a piece of your present life for the future, so that you can find inspiration, and can one day revisit your old self to indulge in pleasant nostalgia.


While the term ‘time capsule’ was first used in the 1930’s, the concept has actually been around for a proposed 5,000 years. As a civilization, we are obsessed with leaving a piece of ourselves behind–a legacy, in a way.


In the past, people would have a box of sentimental items that they treasured. Now, people let loose an ‘information overload’ on Facebook and Instagram. We are flooded with beautiful quotes, notations, thoughts, photos, etc. that people post to preserve their feelings. BUT the very idea of a sentimental item has its own novelty, its own uniqueness… And without originality how can something truly be cherished?


It’s almost as if we need to perform a ‘spring cleaning’ for all the things that we consider special in our lives and cut it down to the best of the best! We need to take a moment to stop and commemorate a few thoughts, images, quotes, scriptures, items, etc. that truly impact our emotions and are valuable to us instead of wasting time on petty, insignificant memories.


Have you ever considered trying this exercise? It may sound like it would be a daunting task, but when you think about it for a while, the most significant items that hold a place in your heart will effortlessly jump out at you!


I don’t know about you, but I am always on the hunt to find a unique gift that truly stands out…especially when it comes to births and birthdays.  To me, celebrating the BIRTH of a beautiful human being should be honoured, and shouldn’t be ‘Hallmark Generic’. It’s such a mundane way to celebrate, and so impersonal!

I mean, if we are celebrating the existence of a PERSON, shouldn’t the effort be PERSONAL as well?


So, how about a special group project?


Why not gather your friends and close friends to create a time capsule for your loved ones? It could include anything your heart desires– love letters, dreams, aspirations, life lessons, jokes, advice, etc. all handwritten by you for your children, friends or other family members to cherish forever!


Creating a time capsule for your child really is a beautiful and memorable process! Sitting down for 20 minutes and writing (or drawing or submitting photos) with the intention of preserving those memories forever is so special and heart touching.


However, do not simply keep these feelings locked up in a box so that your child only knows your thoughts after 20 years have passed!


Surround your child with a beautiful blanket of love and heartfelt emotions that comfortably enswathes them, every day.


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