What little moments have you found simple pleasures in today?

Spring has arrived and it’s starting to show here in Canada, I have to say, it feels AMAZING! There’s just something about this season that gives you energy again. Slowly, our snow and grayness are melting away and peaks of green are starting to bud through. Mother Nature is recapturing the land and it’s time to see her work her magic. These are a few simple pleasures that I can’t get enough of!

I don’t know what it is that makes spring weather feel so fabulous. It reminds me of new beginnings. Perhaps the beginning of love (or lust!), the excitement for a fresh start and the freedom to simply go running outside. It’s a time for puddles and mud-pies, spring flowers and family picnics. Spring cleaning, rather than a chore is an opportunity to clear away the clutter and make space for new growth. I even find myself feeling my love for my kids much deeper, missing them more while they are away. I want to soak up every minute I have with them in a way that I never have before. And while I love my children so so so much, those who know me know that I’m not one who has separation anxiety while I am away from my kids. But lately, I am really missing them!

It got me thinking……

When we look back on our lives, we tend to remember the big things. The monumental moments in life… Some of them good… Some bad. Most of them are once in a life time, like getting married, having your first child or losing a parent. Those experiences are overwhelming, their power reshapes your perspective. We have all experienced a handful of these milestones that — at the time — feel like they define what we want out of life.

Yet Spring comes every year and with it the same potential for joy and appreciation of what we have around us each day. It got me thinking about savoring these simple moments in life that seem to come and go so quickly and usually have little impact.

BUT what if it were these quiet moments that are the ones that really do shape us?

These are the type of moments that require you to be present and engaged to even recognize them. I see my children (Ellie and Ayden) find them every day. They are not distracted with the weight of work, commitments, the daily grind and they aren’t constantly dialed into their technology. This is the stuff that we adults force ourselves to endure until something really big comes along that we have to take notice. It stops us from being captured by the smell of fresh cut grass or a butterfly floating around the garden. Our children see these things, they live in that moment and feel its simple pleasures without hesitation. It’s how we all should try to live life, if only for an hour a day and honestly, I am somewhat jealous. Life is just so perfect through their eyes. As cheesy as it sounds, while I am here trying to teach my children how to live and survive, they are teaching me how to truly live. It’s amazing!

As May 1st approaches, my goal is to stop and slow down for a bit and really enjoy the simple things that — in reality — shape my world. I would like to invite you to do the same and share with me the things that you have observed!

Answer this question in the comments and share……..

What little moments have you found happiness in today?



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